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Myrmidon was founded in early 2015 by Awesomesauce and Horse who wanted to create a unique experience for people looking to get away from the existing cultures of most guilds in Albion at that time. The ideals and general mentality of the guild had been something they had implemented into other guild in the past. With the start of Myrmidon a community was born and it began to flourish as new members joined every day. Today the guild is alive and present in Albion, but has since expanded to be present in other games.

Awesomesauce - Guild Master


Leader and Co-Founder of the guild.




Brucemc - Right Hand


Second in command and Legacy member.

He's not English, damnit.


Alex2698 - Construction Officer


In charge of building and Legacy member.

He's a "Stoner"

Blu - Legacy Member


Longtime member

He's blonde.


Bimbi - Legacy Member


Longtime Member.

Once tanked a GvG from his phone in a hotel lobby and won.

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